ASU Economic Education Series hopes to stimulate growth

The three lecture series runs from now till April 22nd. / Sean Streicher

The Albany State University College of Business kicked off their 2013 Economic Education Series Thursday with a lecture from economy expert Dr. Larry Reed.

In November, the college of business received a grant from the Charles Koch Foundation to be used for economic education.

The college has arranged for three guest speakers to help students better understand the economy as they prepare to enter the real world.

"Well certainly now more than ever, I think that students need to gain a better understanding of the economy in general and more importantly how their economic decisions impact our future," said Dr. Kathaleena Edward Monds a Professor of Business and Information Systems.

Albany State has opened these lectures up to the community to help educate the public and hopefully stimulate economic growth in the region.

Mr. Samuel Yenn-Batah, the co-founder of Urban Society of Economic Freedom, will speak Tuesday, April 9, from 12:40-1:55pm in Peace Hall room 122

Dr. Lisa D. Cook, Assistant Professor of Economics and International Relations as Michigan State University will speak Monday, April 22, from 11:15-12:30pm in Peace Hall room 127.

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