ASU celebrates black history with art showcase

Albany State University holds a Black History Month celebration every year

Albany State University holds a Black History Month celebration every year. This year's program was a little different.

In most years, Albany State has speakers come talk students for their Black History Month Celebration, but this year they decided to do something different to celebrate the culture.

"We decided to celebrate the arts using visual arts, using dance, using storytelling and song," said Sherrell Byrd of Albany State University.

The university brought in seasoned veterans to perform, as well as some pre-k vocalists. The new strategy was something that resonated with the students.

"I like action, I just don't like hearing people talk 24/7, I like a variety of different things going on," said freshman student LaDarius Lewis.

It wasn't just song and dance, the program also offered African-American art. One artist specialized in making gourds into works of art.

"Gourds are in the melon, pumpkin cucumber family. They grow on vines like the melon. It's a non-edible fruit that grows here in Southwest Georgia," said Gourd Master Sam X of Sylvester.

Sam X showed his art work and spoke to the students, his message to them was take your education seriously and become a master of your own craft.

"Some people are taught by universities while others are taught by the universe. I'm blessed to be taught by the universe and in order to do the work I do, I have to go to class every day to really master my work," said Sam X.

Organizers say when people think about Black History Month it's usually the Civil Rights Movement or slavery.

They say part of the reason they did this artistic presentation was because it gave them a chance to celebrated African culture.

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