ASU brings in Violinist Gareth Johnson for Founder's Day

Albany State University pulled strings, that is the violin strings of Gareth Johnson, to highlight it's founder's.

The famed violinist, accompanied by Mimi Noda on piano, gave a concert at the Municipal Auditorium on 200 N. Jackson Street.

Staff and Alumni crowded the theater for the classical event.

ASU's founder's weekend gave many a chance to reminisce with old classmates and catch up on school updates.

"I learn something every founder's day," said Department of Fine Arts Chair, Marcia Hood.

Dr. Joseph Holley founded the university when he saw a need for higher education within his community. Years later, his legacy is still alive.

Geraldine Winns is an alumna of ASU and the Athletics Academic Support Coordinator. She has seen the school go through its share of struggles, but she is still optimistic about the future.

"Albany State University is unsinkable," said Academic Coordinator, Geraldine Winns.

As school spokesperson says, the school that started with less than 100 students now claims over 4,600 on its roster.