ASU Alum calls on President to step down

ASU's SGA president says he represents the student body when he calls for the university president to be removed from his position / Sarah Bleau

Albany State University alumna Joycia Ricks and ASU's Student Government Association President Clarence Washington attended Tuesday's Board of Regents meeting, saying they wanted to show their concern about President Dr. Everette Freeman's employment at the university.

"As a part of my investigation I concluded that it is now time for a change in leadership in order that the direction of the institution can take a course that will be beneficial not only to the faculty but most importantly to the students," says Ricks.

While they did not directly address the board today, Ricks and Washington did tell FOX 31 they want Freeman to be removed from his position as university president after reports of unqualified students being admitted to ASU and of a student changing academic grades in the computer system.

"Just overall our student moral has went down to where the students are just disgruntled and tired of the constant bad publicity for the university as a result of the leadership we're having," says Washington. "Personally as the SGA president and the representative of the students, I would hope that they (the Board of Regents) would seriously take a look at that option in removing the leadership we currently have."

Freeman also attended the Board of Regents meeting but says he does not want to comment at this time.

The President of the ASU National Alumni Association Greg Hylick says the official position of the National Alumni Association completely disagrees with Ricks' position.

"Dr. Freeman has my full confidence and support as the president of the national alumni association. In no way does the view and opinion of one alum reflect the views and opinions of the national alumni association," says Hylick, also the spokesperson for the National Alumni Association.

Public Relations at the Board of Regents meeting told FOX 31 that the chancellor says there will be no discussion or decision about any presidential reappointments until May.

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Original Story (4/16/12)
An Albany State University alum conducted an investigation into the school's audits and says its time for the President to step down.

Joycia Ricks shared the letter with an evaluation of the most recent school audits to ASU President Dr. Everett Freeman, the Board of Regents, and the entire ASU Alumni Association. Fox 31 reached out to Albany State University for a comment on this issue, but haven't heard back.

The Board of Regents meets Wednesday and Thursday in Americus.

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FOX 31's Romney Smith contributed to this story.