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      ASU aims to educate and prevent unnecessary deaths

      On Wednesday, the Albany State University College of Sciences and Health Professions hosted their first Southwestern Region Health Disparities Conference.Officials say the conference is an effort to address health disparities and promote research in southwest Georgia.The conference gave ASU the chance to promote the need for health disparities research and education, also fostering collaborations, dialogue and partnerships between ASU and the community to reduce health disparities.Presenters at the conference were Dr, Felicia Hardnett from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Mark Miller from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. They discussed obesity, family and community health, HIV, AIDS, and childhood health discrepancies.Joyce Johnson, Dean for the College of Sciences and Health Sciences and Health Professions at Albany State University says, "health disparities does exists in all aspects from mental health to physical health, they result in unnecessary deaths and immediate interventions are needed to decrease the health disparities."

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