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      Ashburn public housing incomes aren't the real problem

      The tenant with the highest income in Ashburn Public Housing is bringing in $48,279 per year. / Courtney Highfield

      For the past few weeks, FOX 31 has been investigating the incomes of tenants living in public housing across Southwest Georgia. On Tuesday, FOX 31 tackled that very issue in Turner County.

      The tenant with the highest income in Ashburn Public Housing is bringing in $48,279 per year. While that seems high, the housing director, Rozelle Raines, said when you break it down it's really not all that much, "There's a mother, a daughter, and a son. The mother works at the nursing home and the son works at the peanut company and that's the reason the income is as high as it is, the son has gone to work."

      While Raines offered an explanation for the high income the residents that live there, but others still didn't think it was fair.

      Brandon Spears told FOX 31, "I mean it's a low income society, people with low incomes should be living here not big ballers and money makers."

      Timmy Wynn who lived in public housing for 30 years said, "that's just hard for me to envision because of the simple fact that it's a poor economy here. There aren't many jobs."

      But to Raines, high incomes are the least of her worries. She told us, "there are a lot of problems in public housing that need to be worked out like people living in public housing that aren't on the rent roll. They're not on the lease and you can't prove they're living there but you see a lot of evidence."

      Much like the high income, though, there's nothing the director can do to evict those tenants until she has solid evidence that she can use against them.