As school year nears, germs are set for action

Schools gear up for germs and new school year. / Matt Prichard

The beginning of a new school year brings many different emotions. For students, a disappointing feeling of knowing that summer vacation is coming to a close. And as for parents, slight relief, along with concerns for their children's health while in school.

"Number one is to have their immunizations brought up to date. Check with your doctor, or the health department, get all of their shots done that will be very protective for them. As well as the other students they're around," said registered nurse Sandra Breedlove.

And although modern medicine is great, sometimes sleep can be the best medicine in preparing your child.

"We'd love to ask the parents to go ahead and start getting your kids on a normal sleep schedule, because in the summer they tend to stay up late, get them back on that good sleep schedule," said Breedlove.

But it's not enough to just tell your child about the dangers of germs, you also have to let them know that there's germs all over their schoolyard every single day.

"When they come in contact with other children, either in classroom, or if it's some kind of food allergy or food infections, in the cafeteria, or the restrooms to make sure their following personal hygiene," said Phoebe Putney doctor Samrajya Gogineni.

With the first day of school on August 6th, parents are encouraged to immunize their children, and make sure they understand the value of proper hygiene.