Artist creates recycled runway dress to 'Flaunt'

Josh Rosen puts the finishing touches on his recycled runway gown. / Jessica Fairley

One of Southwest Georgia's artists is taking his creations to the runway.

It's all a part of the Thomasville Center for the Arts 'Flaunt 2012' event going on this week.

Josh Rosen is known for creating small sculptures made of recycled materials. So, when he was summoned to take on the challenge of creating apparel out of recyclable items, he was up for the cause.

Rosen is one of 28 artists sponsored by 28 different companies to create a dress out of their trash!

Hurst Boiler Company sent him gloves and old sheet metal to do the job.

"They throw away these leather gloves and they want to put a price on all the materials and say how much we can save a year if people would use the materials in something else," says Josh Rosen.

It's called upcycling, transforming the unused into something usable.

For Rosen, creating what he calls his 'Franken Dress' was a challenge because he's never made a dress or even sewed anything for that matter; but to do the job, he improvised.

"I didn't sew anything. Everything's bolted. I got my country friend Linda to sew me two stitches on each glove to hold them there while I put the tape on them and super glued them," says Rosen.

As he puts the finishing touches on the gown, he's anxious to see the public's reaction. The artist says although creating the dress was a challenge, he learned a lot from the experience.

"Now I think I can walk away with using the techniques I used to make something big. I can make actual bigger sculptures out of my stuff now. I think it's given me better insight on how to do that," says Rosen.

Flaunt 2012: Upcycle Downtown will be held in Thomasville on Friday. The unveiling of the 28 dresses will begin at 5:30 p.m.

After the event, Keep Thomas County Beautiful will be taking the dresses on a road tour.

More of Josh Rosen's work can be found at

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