Art exhibit includes work by local podiatrist

Dr. Stanich has created two urns, the first a cross with homemade barbed wire wrapped around it, and the second a star with flames. / Ashley Knight

The Albany Museum of Art will be revealing a new exhibit Wednesday in partnership with Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

'The Art of Health and Healing' exhibit showcases art honoring the healthcare industry.

The exhibit even includes craftwork by local podiatrist Chris Stanich who says he really doesn't consider himself an artist, but loves working with his hands.

"The two larger pieces are actually urns for people's ashes and as I made progress through the cross project, it kind of evolved into more of a rugged cross and wrapped around the cross, the crown of thorns, the suffering and all of that," says Stanich.

Other works include paintings depicting surgical procedures, and even Norman Rockwell's original pencil drawing of the painting titled "Before The Shot".

The exhibit will run through December 15th.

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