Are you ready for a natural disaster?

While Arizona seems a world away, what about you? Are you ready a natural disaster?

More than 750 homes remain under evacuation orders as firefighters continue to battle the Schultz fire near Flagstaff.

A California man has been arrested for starting, then abandoning a campfire that triggered the blaze.

Still people who live there are watching the firefighters' progress nervously.

"I am trying to keep an eye on it to see if it is coming my way so I can load things and get out of here if I have to," said John Nichols, a Flagstaff resident.

While Arizona seems a world away, what about you? Are you ready a natural disaster?

Luckily, in Albany there is little concern over wildfires because of all that humid weather.

"We're looking more at severe thunderstorms, severe weather, tornados, we still have a problem obviously with flooding and we have a problem with hazardous materials," said Emergency Management Deputy Director Jim Vaught.

However, fires have been known to start in severe storms.

It's a possibility that during a thunder storm there could be a lighting strike that could hit a tree knock down a power line, start a fire. Just last week strong winds ripped the roof off of a church in Albany and cause damage to the airport.

"Recently as many as 10 homes have had limbs that have been knocked down because of the wind that comes up and the severe rain and lightning strikes," said Vaught.

This makes all the more reason to consider getting homeowners insurance just as a little extra backup.

"You need it because there are a lot of natural disasters and there are alot of bad weather that has been coming through and messing up people's homes. If something was to happen, a fire or anything like that, your personal belongings would be gone," said Insurance agent Brittany Faircloth.

If you need to get prepared for natural disaster just go to a hardware store, get yourself a bag and load it up with items things like, safety goggles, gloves, a flashlight and of course a first aid kit. Also keep enough drinking water to last you and your family at least 72 hours.

So are you prepared for a natural disaster? Click here to download an emergency preparedness checklist.

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