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      Are you properly restraining your child in the car?

      Officials with the Georgia State Patrol discussed the correct size and age to have a child in a restraint while riding in vehicle.

      Sgt Shawn Urquhart, Post Commander of Georgia State Patrol 40, says newborn to at least twenty months must be in an infant seat, then transition to a combination, or a booster as they age.

      Consuela Hosley, mother of two, says her children were in a booster seat until about 5 years old. Hosley said, "He was in a car seat all the way up until he was about one and then we go to a bigger car seat that can sit up, and then went to a booster seat until about five."

      According to GSP a booster seat is required until the seatbelt fits snug across the lap and that can be anywhere from 8 to 12 years old. Sgt. Urquhart adds that children between 20 and 80 pounds is required to sit in a booster seat.

      The age regulation can vary due to different shapes and sizes, but the average of 8-years-old is still insisted as a precaution. Sgt. Urquhart says a child must be tall and weigh enough to wear the seat belt across the chest; otherwise wearing it improperly can cause severe neck damage in a crash.

      Sgt. Urquhart adds, children are often seen improperly restrained and the penalty if caught, is points on your license, which can lead to suspension, or worse, an injured child.

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