Are you prepared for Valentine's Day?

Shuntrez Taylor

Today is Valentine's Day and if you haven't found the perfect gift for that special someone in your life â" time is running out. But if you waited until the last minute to make your romantic rounds, you're not alone.

One local florist told us they plan to stay open until midnight if that's what it takes to meet their customers' demands. Judging from what the activity we saw, they may have to do just that. "We got in here this morning at 7:30," said Calida Smith of Petal Pusher's Flower Shoppe. "Phones were ringing, people waiting at the door. It's just been hectic all day long."

Valentine's Day was a mad scramble for Smith and her co-workers. Roses are still the standard but Smith says consumers are getting more creative these days. "They've been buying mixed vases, dozen roses, they've been buying tulips," said Smith.

The Albany Mall had its fair share plenty of bauble buyers.

"I had to work and everything this weekend and I didn't have time this weekend so I just came today," said Kenterro Jones.

"I woke up this morning and took her to school and said, 'when she comes home on her lunch break from school, I'll have something in the car for her," said Shunterez Taylor.

The folks here at Petal Pushers were so busy, they had to make a run for extra flowers. "We've been selling out left and right," said Smith. "We're actually taking the phones off the hooks right now. We were going to put them on the hook but we've got to get caught up first."

Despite all the sweetheart spending, it's the simple things some value most.

"He told this morning that he was going to cook me some dinner tonight, whatever I wanted," said Anna Mathis.

"I'm going to let her know I love her by doing all this," added Taylor.

We also spoke with some shoppers who didn't want their faces shown because they were in such a rush, they were skipping work to do their Valentine's Day shopping.