Are you at risk of a heat stroke?

Do you know the risks of being outside when it's so hot? / Franklin White

It's no secret that it's hot outside and for many of you, you know it's going to only get hotter here in Southwest Georgia.

Do you know the risks of being outside when it's so hot?

Doctors say the first thing to do to avoid major risks it to limit the amount of time you're outside.

They say if you have to be out, don't do anything to strenuous that requires a lot of movement.

Dr. Doug Patten with Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital says if you don't know when your body is at it's boiling point, here's an important tip to look out for, "when you get to the point when you stop sweating that's very dangerous and typically what we forget to do is focus on staying very well hydrated when we're outside during these time."

Dr. Patten adds that you should also look after elderly people in your family because they might not be able to stay hydrated and suffer heat exhaustion.

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