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      Are police sex stings legal?

      Berlin police have arrested 22 men after conducting a prostitution sex sting.Police posted ads on websites offering the services of a prostitute.Officials say many times, suspects in these types of cases may try to claim a case of entrapment but these types of stings are legal.Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards says in order to prove entrapment the defendant has to prove three key points:- The first is whether or not the state set up the circumstances.- Secondly, the defense has to prove that they were coaxed or persuaded to commit the crime.- Then suspects have to prove whether or not they had a predisposition to commit the crime.If all of this can be proven, then that is grounds for entrapment.Edwards says it is not illegal for officials to present an opportunity for crime but they cannot persuade someone to commit the crime.In the Berlin prostitution sex sting, suspects were given several chances to back out of paying for sex services.

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