April set aside for child abuse prevention

The Lily Pad Sane Center in Downtown Albany. / Jessica Fairley

April is set aside as National Child Abuse Prevention month to recognize the role that we all play in the well-being of children.

The Lily Pad Sane Center's Firefly House has several protocols in place to aid those who may believe a child is being abused.

The 24 hour service works with city officials and local agencies to end abuse.

Officials say within the span of one year they can see anywhere from 500 to 600 children who've been either sexually or physically abused.

"Sometimes children are a victim of both. They're both physically and sexually abused. They are abused as well as their siblings. So we just take into account all children and that's what we're here for," said Candy Bell, Clinical Director for the Lily Pad Sane Center.

The Firefly House serves 32 counties and seven judicial circuits throughout the state of Georgia.