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      APD/ADDU Captain gone after internal investigation

      According to official paperwork from the City of Albany Captain Darrin Abner is no longer with the Albany Police Department or Albany Dougherty Drug Unit after an internal investigation revealed ~integrity issues TM.

      We TMre working to get more details, however our media partner The Albany Herald first posted this story about the situation.

      According to the investigation which began in March 2012 focuses on three main areas Abner double-dipping by teaching classes at Albany State University (ASU), while on city time; improper use of a County Vehicle (which revolved greatly around the ASU issue, plus other personal use incidents), and dishonesty, primarily about the ASU and vehicle incidents.

      On October 15, 2012 Abner was interviewed about the allegations, and on October 16th he was suspended with pay. On October 17, 2012 Captain Abner submitted his signed resignation which the Albany Police Department accepted.

      The investigation was more than 600 pages and the City of Albany's Attorney Nathan Davis says the reason its so long is because there were a couple of unexpected developments and officials thought it best to be extremely thorough. Efforts to 'dot their i's and cross their t's" included checking Abner's gas mileage, placing a tracking device in his car, monitoring his work computer, and more. Officials say after he was presented with the overwhelming evidence he resigned so the department didn't have to fire him on the dozens of infractions they documented.