APD reaches out to the community

Police officials met with the APD Civilian Review Board to talk about it and discuss the board's duties are.

/ Cody Long

The Albany Police Department wants the public to know different ways to get in touch with them. Police officials met with the APD Civilian Review Board to talk about it.

The complaints that are not resolved at the originating level with the department itself.

Gary Nevins has served on the board for a few terms. He says they met today for an orientation.

When officers are out on patrol, you may see some unprofessional behavior. This board welcomes any complaints from the public.

"So much of it is he said, she said about if somebody went out on a domestic or something," Nevins said. "A lot of times people might not be in the right state of mind."

Major Barnes says the number of complaints they received in 2013 was higher than in 2012. He also says there have been four uses of firearms used against animals in the past year.

Board members say Public Information Officer Phyllis Banks has been instrumental in connecting the police department with the community.

"Social media is growing very quickly and has grown in law enforcement and we just want to be on that bandwagon," Banks said.

Banks talked about a newly formed crime prevention unit.

"They are going to be tasked to do, like we mentioned, home security surveys. They'll come out and survey your home and provide recommendations that you may want to consider."

Going forward this year, the police department hopes to continue finding ways to connect to the people.

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