APD makes arrest in trailer theft case

APD arrested Walker and Williams for stealing the trailers and selling them

Albany police recovered five stolen trailers, some coming from local businesses including the Mars Plant and Home Depot. Along with those trailers, they also made three arrests.

Witnesses and surveillance led police to a vehicle with stolen tags which helped them find 19-year-old Donnesa Walker, 19, and Maurice Dante Williams, 37: Both were arrested in connection with recent trailer thefts. APD detectives say Walker and Williams were selling the trailers.

Police say Willie B. Sanders was also arrested and charged with Theft By Receiving for allowing Walker and Williams to keep the stolen trailers on his property.

APD detectives say they recovered one stolen trailer from Lee County, one in Baconton and three from Albany; but that's not all they found.

"We recovered a gun and we recovered three stolen tags also that have been stolen from car lots throughout Albany," says APD Detective Timothy Harvey.

Albany police say people who purchase the stolen trailers can be charged with a felony count of Theft By Receiving. They say it's in the citizens' best interests to come forward with the trailers before being caught with the stolen property.

"We believe that there's possibly many more stolen trailers from the exact same people so if anybody that we know of citizens of Albany that have bought trailers from these subjects, please bring forward the trailers so we can identify them, see who legally owns the trailers," says Harvey.

Police say the thefts were done during the day in parking lots like at Home Depot, and they believe the trailers weren't secured to begin with.

"Nobody has the time to go out there with all the customers around there walking in the parking lots to cut off a lock to steal the trailer. If it's unlocked it's too easy to steal," says Harvey.

Stolen trailers came from other businesses including the Mars Plant on W. Oakridge.

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