APD looking for men who allegedly threatened a witness to a court case

First Update (10/31/12)
Albany police say that both men have turned themselves in after seeing their faces on the news at 10:40 PM Tuesday night.

Initial Story (10/30/12)
The Albany Police Department needs the public's help finding two men allegedly connected to an aggravated assault and influencing a witness.

Police are looking for 21-year-old Christopher Gernard Davis and 25-year-old Booker Terrell Sims.

Officials say on October 25, 2012 both men were armed and threatened to harm Cornelius Evans if he testified against Davis' brother Malcolm Davis on a case expected to go to trial in November. Davis and Sims both have warrants for aggravated assault and influencing a witness.

If you have any information on where Sims or Davis is, you're asked to call the Albany Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 229-436-8477.