APD keeping officers in shape

Albany police officer leaving the Law Enforcement Center. / Jessica Fairley

In Pakistan some law enforcement officers have to lose weight or risk losing their job.

In Friday's Facebook story of the day people wanted to know how Albany police officers keep in shape.

When new officers come onto the police force they're put through rigorous physical training.

Once they're officially police officers, they have access to the Albany Police Department's 24 hour gym.

Officials say officers are expected to utilize the facility to keep in shape.

"The officers know that their weight is a major factor. Being in shape is major factor when it comes to the activities that they go through on a daily basis. At any point they may be in a foot chase. They constantly have to get in and out of a car, so they keep staying in shape on their minds constantly," says Phyllis Banks, Public Information Officer for the Albany Police Department.

The gym is open seven days a week.

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