APD hopes to achieve accreditation

The Albany Police Department is seeking a new accreditation. / Matt Prichard

The Albany Police Department is looking to add another accreditation to the department, this time from the CALEA board which performs these checks on department throughout the world.

The accreditation board met with members of the community tonight to hear concerns about the department or gain a better understanding of what that particular agency means to the community.

With a rigorous inspection process of over 480-standards, Albany Police Chief, John Proctor says these kind of moves are meant entirely for the good of the public.

"What this does is convince the community that we are a professional organization. That we're open to the community. That we're still improving, working hard to be the best organization possible," said Chief Proctor.

APD was re-accredited last year by the State of Georgia, and hopes to join an elite group of law enforcement agencies with the CALEA accreditation.