APD gears up to tactical training

APD officers go through a defensive and arrest training course. / Sean Streicher

When a police officer heads to work there's no telling what they'll face, so when they put on their badge they must be prepared for anything.

To make sure their officers are ready for any situations the Albany Police Department held a defensive and arrest training course.

Control techniques were just one of many skills that officers learned today, "It's really designed to subdue someone, that reduces the possibility of injury," explained Deputy Chief Donald Frost.

Officers who went through this training say when they head back out on the streets they'll do so with a new level of confidence, "It teaches you what you can do inside, how much energy you have, what kind of shape you're in, and different techniques you can use to prevent yourself (and others) from getting hurt," said APD Dect. Timothy Harvey.

This is just one of the courses that the Albany Police Department provides for its officers to ensure they have up to date training.