APD detains three burglary suspects after searching stolen goods hub

Albany Police officials say they recovered approximately $10,000 worth of stolen electronics

Albany Police made 60 burglary related arrests in one month, and they could be adding more to that total in coming days.

Three suspects are detained after APD executed a search warrant at 810 S. McKinley: A suspected hub for where stolen goods were being sold.

Police say they found approximately $10,000 worth of stolen electronics including a flat screen, laptops, video games and a safe.

"At this time they're in the process of being questioned. We recovered some drugs. We did find some weapons inside the residence and all of these electronic items," says Cpl. Terrance Bryant with APD.

Investigators say two assault knives, ammunition and less than one ounce of marijuana were found during the search warrant.

APD officials say all of the electronics will be returned to their rightful owners soon.