And the "Child of the Month" plaque goes toâ|

Makeba stands with representives from the Boys and Girls Club and APD. / Jessica Fairley

A special young lady was recognized Thursday night as the Albany Police Department and Boys and Girls Club 'Child of the Month'.

Makeba West, 7, is the first child in several years to be recognized with the honor.

Boys and Girls Club officials say when choosing the 'Child of the Month' they look for leadership, scholarship, and a positive attitude.

One of the ring leaders who helped get the program back off the ground remembers what the honor meant to him nearly forty years ago.

"I was just glad to just pass the torch on to the next person so that they can do the same thing. It meant so much to me when I was a kid," said Albany Police Department Citizens Academy Instructor Darrell Bantone.

The plaque will be placed on the Boys and Girls Club wall along with the rest of the plaques given over the years.

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