An uncanny situation

In this weeks' Go Green, we are going behind the scenes to a local recycling plant, Southeastern Aluminum Recycling, to see what happens after we drop off our aluminum.

There are many recycling locations across Southwest Georgia where you recyclable materials can be dropped off. Whether you are a business or a resident, everyone is welcome.

Once at the recycling center pull up to the window. As you remove your materials to be recycled, they will be sorted into their respective areas. Once sorted, aluminum cans are dumped into the hopper. Once the hopper is full, the cans will be dumped into a pit. From this pit they are transported up another machine into a holding bay that will be filled to the top. This machine will then crush the cans into an aluminum bale that weighs about 800 pounds. After seventy-five bales are made, fork lifts will carry the bales to the back loading dock and place them onto a truck. This truck will then be weighed and shipped off.

More and more people are recycling. Even local schools, like Darton College, have set up recycling clubs that will dispose of recyclables and help make the environment and community better in doing so. In order to get more school involvement, Betty Sue Story and her students set up a table at the beginning of the semester and give out pens and other things to try and educate other students on the importance of recycling. More education needs to take place but at least this is a start and a step in the right direction.

Aluminum isn't the only thing that can be recycled, in next weeks Go Green we will investigate other materials that can be dropped off.