An afternoon for the whole family

The "Terrell County History Museum," opens its doors with a new exhibit. / Matt Prichard

Folks in Dawson are clearing their schedules Saturday and heading to the, "Terrell County History Museum", downtown.

The museum opened just over a year ago in the Chamber of Commerce building, and is currently hosting an exhibit titled, "Old Times in Rural Georgia."

Chair of the museum, Katy Hicks, says this particular exhibit features something for every member of the family.

"We have toys, we have beautiful china pieces. We have tools, some agricultural pieces, and some historical, so we have quite a variety of interesting items here," said Hicks.

The exhibit will continue running through the next several months, and Hicks says admission is free, and anyone is welcome between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM On Saturday's.

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