An achy jaw could be something more serious

Heart attack symptoms displayed at the Dougherty County Public Health Department. / Jessica Fairley

February is Heart Disease Awareness month and for FOX 31's Facebook story of the day people wanted to know what are the signs of a heart attack.

Medical professionals say heart disease, hypertension and stroke are all considered cardiovascular diseases relating to issues within heart and or blood vessels.

Officials say almost two-thirds of women who die suddenly of heart disease have no symptoms.

While common signs of a heart attack include chest pain, and shortness of breath, other signs could include vomiting, back or jaw pain, or a cold sweat.

"Sometimes people will have the symptoms and they may deny the symptoms. It's so important for people to recognize those symptoms and call 911. Know what the symptoms are of a heart attack or stroke and call 911 immediately," said Dr. Jacqueline Grant, Dougherty County Public Health Department.

Dr. Grant says it's important to call 911 so that you can receive medical care while on the way to the hospital because every minute counts.

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