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      American Legion upset about park fee

      The American Legion Post 30 addressed the Albany City Commission this morning with an issue they feel strongly about.

      Don Norman with Post 30 said he was approached by the city about having to pay a fee for their baseball team to use Paul Eames Park. Norman said their teams have played at the park for 30-40 years without paying. But Norman says they aren't by any means playing for free. The post pays for uniforms, concessions, lodging and food when they travel, and they take care of the fields they play on. This costs the post money that they spend the year fundraising for and they don't think they should have to pay a fee on top of that.

      City Manager James Taylor said during the meeting there are unseen costs such as the lights when it gets dark, general maintenance of the field, and taking care of the concession stand.

      Commissioner Tommy Postell made a motion to table the issue until they have solid numbers from the city on the costs of using the field. The motion was seconded by commissioner BJ Fletcher and it passed unanimously.