American Legion National Commander discusses veteran needs

National Commander for the American Legion Fang Wong stopped at the Albany Post 30 / Sarah Bleau

The National Commander of the American Legion paid a visit to Albany's American Legion Post 30 Friday evening, guided in by 130 of the American Legion Riders. Nealry 150 American Legion Riders from 26 American Legion Posts in Georgia escorted National Commander Fang Wong 800 miles throughout the state over three days.

Wong is the first American of Chinese descent to serve as commander of the American Legion. He spoke with legionnaires about taking care of veterans and their families financially, medically and whatever else they may need help with â" one of the organizations pillars. Wong says when veterans come back they are focused on getting a job, possibly going back to school and working on their family.

He says another pillars include is having a strong military defense.

"For ten years since 9/11, this country, this nation's been relatively safe at home. And that's not because of the bad guys having a change of heart, not because all of a sudden they're my friends, it's because the wonderful young men and women willing to take up arms and go out and serve on our behalf so that we can be safe," says Wong.

The two other pillars of the American Legion are utilizing programs to teach citizenship and leadership to the next generation and embracing Americanism.

"We want to promote the love of this country. This country offers so much to us and often times we take it for granted. We need to say thank you to the people that pay the price for our freedom, for our life," says Wong.

Wong says the organization sees the next generation as the future for the organization. He says the American Legion will only continue to get stronger.

He says all veterans, young and old, are invited to join up with the American Legion; all they have to do is call or visit their local chapter.