Ambulance ride costs go up for Ben Hill patients

The Ben Hill Board of Commissioners go over agenda items. / Jessica Fairley

The Ben Hill Board of Commissioners has approved a motion to raise ambulance fees within the county.

Officials say they looked over prices in surrounding areas and after consulting with the Emergency Management Services director they chose to raise fees.

The county's EMS program was losing money, however by making this increase they hope to break even.

County Manager Fran Feild says the break down of what each patient will pay to ride the ambulance to the hospital will vary.

Also during the meeting commissioners discussed changes to the employee handbook that could save the county money.

The county manager suggested that instead of set furlough days, county department heads should choose which days are best to take off.

"Our employees have already given up a lot this year and if we're asking them to give up 96 hours next year, we need to not change the handbook and take away paid holidays or anything like that," said Frank Feild.

The county manager says if each employee gives up 96 hours it could help reduce the overall operation costs and help each department balance their budget.

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