Ambassador Andrew Young visits Albany State University

People of all ages listened intently to Ambassador Andrew Young during a presentation at Albany State University on Thursday.

Young -- a known Civil Rights activist, politician and minister -- spoke about politics and the importance of voting during the event titled "America On My Mind: A Conversation with Ambassador Andrew Young."

Young spoke about the need for people to pay attention to the issues instead of the candidate. Young says it doesn't matter about a person's party or race but which direction they will take the country.

At first Young says he openly supported Hillary Clinton because he didn't know President Obama and he wasn't going to vote on a man solely for his race.

Also during the presentation, Young gave examples of close political victories to show just how much every vote counts.

Young encourages the younger generation to vote but also says in order for them to form an opinion, the candidates need to talk about the real issues at hand.

After his presentation, audience members were able to ask Young questions and they say it was an honor to receive firsthand experiences from such an important figure.

Student Government External Affairs Vice President Kevius Bass says he hopes to one day be like Young and wants to walk away from today with some valuable lessons.

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