Aluminum cans helping two Lee Co. causes

In our Good News Story of the Day, you can help the environment and local causes all at the same time!

Drop off your aluminum cans at the Lee County Fifth Friday Animal Shelter or the Century Fire Station and the money from recycling them will go right to their causes.

The animal shelter, located at 101 Mossey Dell Road, says money from the cans helps them to buy items like grooming clippers and medicine. They say the medicine is for all of the animals that come in, like that to get rid of fleas, which rings up quite a tab for the shelter.

They say they get quite a bit of money from the recyclables.

"It does vary because the prices go up and down but anywhere from $179 to $200 or a little bit more and the medicine we get is expensive so it really helps," says Jackie Grigg, Lee County Animal Control Supervisor.

The Century Fire Station, located at U.S. Highway 19 South, takes proceeds from recycling the donated alumnium cans to the Georgia Firefighters' Burn Foundation.