Alleged child molestation update

After a recent arrest of an APD officer for alleged child molestation, some Albany residents don't trust their police department right now

Saturday was supposed to be a rare off day for Albany Police Chief John Proctor; instead he spent nearly 45 minutes fielding questions in regards to the latest officer foul-up. Friday, APD arrested and charged one of its own, 46-year-old Corporal Vincent Romone Wadley for alleged child molestation in May of 2008. Officials told Fox 31 News Officer Waldley's mugshot is "on hold," and wasn't immediately available.

Proctor says the victim is a female, but wouldn't disclose the age, saying, she was under 16 years old, and regarding what allegedly occurred between Officer Waldley and the victim, Proctor didn't go into specifics, calling it, "a sexual act."

Wadley has been employed with the Albany Police Department since August 20, 2004 and is assigned to the theft unit in the investigations division.

Here's what some Albany residents feel about the current state of the Albany Police Department and its future.

"If they screen their officers a little bit better, I think the future will be very bright."

"They need to get up there, and find some people who really want to do their job and help folks, not worry about themselves."

"I don't know the chief now, I don't know him, but I knew the past chief, but I reckon he was pretty good chief, I reckon he'll clean it up."

"There's no other way to say it, corruption is corruption, if you allow it to happen, what's next?"