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      Alcohol, medicine not approved through food stamps

      Grocery stores say produce and uncooked meat is approved for food stamps

      In our Facebook Story of the Day, many of viewers wanted to know can and can TMt be purchased with food stamps.

      Rubo TMs in Lee County says they see a large amount of customers who use food stamps. They say those with them can buy produce, meat that is uncooked, grocery items and freezer section items that are uncooked.

      "Things that you can't buy is tobacco, medication, animal products like dog food and cat food, health body ... soaps, that kind of stuff. It has to be food items," says Rubo's Cashier Maria Hogan. She says customers also cannot buy alcohol with food stamps.

      They say WIC is primarily for pregnant women and young children; they say with that users can buy items like baby food, milk and eggs.

      See full details on items that are and are not able to be purchased with food stamps on the USDA's Food and Nutrition Service website.