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      Albany TMs ~Youth of the Year TM named

      Student of the Year candidates gather at the Boys and Girls club in east Albany.

      A Boys and Girls Club member from Albany is headed to Atlanta after winning the honor of Albany TMs 2012 'Youth of the Year'.

      Marcus Ford, Elisabeth Bankston, and Jaime were all up for the award but 12th grader Marcus Ford won the title.

      Ford is now on his way to Atlanta to compete against others from across Georgia for the state title.

      The young man says although he's taking the competition seriously, it's all fun.

      We all are just there to actually have fun and to speak our hearts out. We're just all going to bring our ~A TM game and whoever wins we'll congratulate them just like we always do, said Marcus Ford, Albany TMs Student of the Year.

      Ford will leave for Atlanta on Sunday. If he wins the competition, he will also take home $10,000 in scholarship money and go on to contend in the regional tournament.