Albany's visually impaired seek jobs in weak economy

The Georgia Department of Labor says employers are heavily targeting the internet for employees, but for those who are visually impaired, it poses a problem.

That's why labor officials are holding workshops for the visually impaired and demonstrating resources they can use to overcome those roadblocks.

"Often times, the application themselves can present a barrier to someone completing them especially when they're online and their not accessible to the individual, so that's something that we need to keep continuously working at," said Paul Raymond, the Director of Blindness Services.

The visually impaired say there are many obstacles such as disclosure, transportation, and response tactics that stand in their way.

"It's kind of difficult to read people because you cannot see their faces in the interview and you can't really tell much about their body language," says jobseeker Bianca Stacey.

The workshop will continue on Saturday at the Department of Labor Office located at 1608 South Slappey Blvd. Call (229) 430-5010 for more information.