Albany's finest in law enforcement promoted

Captain Eddie Jones promoted by APD Chief John Proctor. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards, Albany Police Chief John Proctor and Albany Mayor Willie Adams all showed up to express their gratitude for six Albany Police Department officers who received the honor of promotion.

Family and friends were also in attendance at Albany's Law Enforcement Center in support of those who help keep the city safe.

Kinshishi Adams is receiving a promotion to lieutenant. After years on the force, she says the passion is still there.

"If you sit back and just be quiet then things are going to continue. You have to get out there and make a difference yourself in order to stop some of the crime," says APD Lieutenant Kinshishi Adams.

For her, it's personal and more than just a job. Honoree Captain Eddie Jones agrees.

"I love being able to help people and being in a position to help the bad guys as my son would say be brought to justice," says APD Captain Eddie Jones.

Although the city of Albany has been deemed by some as a place riddled with crime, the men and women who serve don't give up and their service is appreciated. It's a different scene from when Mayor Willie Adams took office in 2004.

"At that time there was a lot of turmoil and a lot of concern about the operation of the police department and I'm proud to say at this date that image has changed tremendously," says Albany Mayor Willie Adams.

It's something he takes pride in being a part of.

"We got a better quality of leadership and of course we've seen some of the crime statistics decrease and we've created a Gang Task Force," says Mayor Adams.

Albany Police Chief John Proctor says although the force is a little under staffed, he's not rushing to fill those positions. He's looking for quality individuals to fill those tasks.

"You don't build a quality police department by just hiring anyone," says APD Chief John Proctor, "You take the time to do the selections that bring about the folks that are going to be committed to this organization and be about serving this community."

And that's his charge; finding men and women who will commit to keeping the city safe and moving the police department forward.

As Mayor Willie Adams prepares to leave office, he says hopefully his successor will follow in his footsteps and keep up support for local law enforcement agencies.