Albany youth to attend the Masters in Augusta, Ga

20 youth will be serving as pages for professional golfers in Augusta, Ga

Twenty of Albany's youth will be, not only attending the Masters, they will be playing a vital role!

Youth in the 'Hip Hop Grows Up' program will be serving as pages to professional golfers for the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

They were training today at the Flint River Golf Course.

"Well, not a lot of children get to do this, I mean we're going to Augusta Georgia to meet Tiger Woods. I mean, not a lot of people can say that. So this will be a good opportunity for us to meet Tiger Woods and learn golf etiquette,"Said Marlen Pollard, a participant in the program.

They still need helping raising the $30,000 it will take to get them there, however.

You can help by visiting their website, or calling Cecillia Morris at 678.528.3366.