Albany workers get schooled on retirement

Seminars held at the Albany Civic Center for people interested in retirement. / Jessica Fairley

Albany's first Retirement Expo was put on Thursday to help those facing tough decisions about how to adjust to life after retirement.

Dougherty County, the city of Albany and the Water, Gas and Light Commission hosted the expo at the Albany Civic Center.

The seminar was put on to teach people what they can invest before they retire, the expectations they can have when they retire, and social security benefits.

Officials say they're not only trying to reach older adults but they also want reach out to young workers.

"There's always been fears for years about the social security declines and of course the ages have continued to creep up for when you can draw social security. So most people have to take care of themselves in retirement out of their own pocket and they need to do that very early," says Albany Assistant City Manager Wes Smith.

Nationwide Insurance sponsored the event. They sent in professionals to teach the seminars.

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