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      Albany woman speaks about ceiling collapsing on her

      A woman is telling FOX 31 about the terrifying moment her ceiling collapsed on her Friday night.

      When Chussey Evans and her family returned to their home, they found water leaking from the ceiling at 957 Holloway Avenue. Evans and her husband, Brandon Evans, immediately began moving electronics and other valuables out of the way.

      "When the ceiling fell, it knocked me down onto my chair and my husband and step dad had to pull the ceiling off of me," Evans said.

      Moments later, paramedics transported Evans to the hospital.

      "Now, they say that I have back and neck injuries and I have to do some follow ups," Evans said. "I'm just glad my kids weren't in there."

      Evans says there were some leak issues about five months ago.

      FOX 31 has reached out to the Albany Housing Authority for comment. Executive Director Dan McCarthy says the water pipe is being repaired now and expects it to be finished in one week.

      The housing authority has placed the family in a hotel until then.