Albany woman seeks justice for murdered father

Dianna Carr

"It doesn't feel real. I feel like I'm in a daze."

Dianna Carr says she overcame tremendous sadness to see where her father was murdered with her own eyes.

"I came earlier, you know, just to figure out what spot it was on and decided, you know, to show my respects to my Dad," said Carr.

She returned later to place flowers near the crime scene.

Around 2:00 Friday morning, Albany police responded to a 911 call and found 54-year-old Frankie Carr lying on the pavement in this vacant lot.

Carr was rushed to Phoebe Medical but was pronounced dead about 30 minutes after his arrival.

The murder occurred near the corner of East Broad and Church Street. Albany Police say a witness told them they were driving by and saw someone striking the victim with a pipe but they do not have a full description of a suspect.

Benjamin Smith owns East Broad Automotive, just down the street from where Carr was killed.

He says he knew Carr well and saw him almost every day collecting aluminum cans.

"The old man passed along here all the time and we help him, you know, give him water and give him money," said Smith. "Friendly, I mean, he didn't harm nobody."

As for Dianna Carr, she says she's grateful to Palmyra Hospital, Family and Children Services, law enforcement, and members of the community for the kindness they showed her father over the years.

Now, she's asking them to help him one last time.

"If they really did love him as a friend and as a person, that they help us solve his case," said Carr.