Albany woman searching for expensive item

Photo Credit: File

After leaving the Walmart in East Albany Monita Brown noticed something was missing from her purse, her Ipad.

Brown said she wasn't feeling well, was in a hurry, and must've left the Ipad in her cart. When she returned to Walmart within the hour she found the Ipad had been taken out of the cart.

This happened August 30th and Brown was hopeful that someone would've returned it by now but so far she hasn't had any luck. At this point she considers it stealing even though she left the Ipad in the cart. She acknowlegdes her mistake but told Fox 31 "that person opened up the Ipad and saw my picture and knew it wasn't theirs but they took it anyway."

The Albany Police Department has released video of the person who allegedly took the Ipad out of the cart and Brown hopes that someone will see the footage and recognize the person.

Brown does plan on pressing charges if they find the person with the Ipad.