Albany woman drags police officer with her car

Accident at the corner of Dawson Road and Meredith Road

Police say a 19-year-old woman hit Officer Janel Herring with her car, drug her a short distance, took off, then got into a car accident.

Police say just before five o'clock on Thursday evening, 27-year-old officer Janel Herring was investigating a call at Payless on Dawson Road in regard to suspect 19-year-old Chyia Leela Quita Allan stealing a wallet.

Allan left the store and that's when police say she hit Officer Herring with her car, drug her a short distance and then took off.

Investigators say Allan tried to make a right turn onto Meredith and hit another car holding Monica Lewis and two passengers...who are expected to be fine.

Police then chased Allan on foot and quickly captured her near Firehouse Subs. Allan is facing several charges including aggravated assault on an officer and burglary.

Officer Herring is expected to be ok.

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