Albany was a summer hot spot

Tourism was up in Albany this summer. / FOX 31

The U.S. Travel Association reports there was $184 million in domestic travel expenditures for Albany, both residents and tourist contributed to this number.

Places like the Thronateeska Heritage Center, Albany Civil Rights Institute, and the Flint RiverQuarium all report higher attendance this summer, compared to last year.

While attractions like these play a role in bring tourists to the area, weddings, conventions, and reunions are also big draws. Sporting events bring in the most people.

"You have the Albany marathon; you have all of the different softball, baseball tournaments, track tournaments, all those people coming in from different places," said Rashelle Beasley, the Albany CVB Manager

These people tend to stay more than one night, and while they're here they're spending money.

The more money brought in by tourism means more tax revenue for the city, which equals a savings for tax payers.

Beasley said "the hotel motel tax ended up saving $383 in taxes per household, for Albany and Dougherty County."

It also increases the revenue for the attractions allowing them to expand.

Creating a snowball effect for tourism, as the more programs offered hopefully increases visitors.

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