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      Albany veteran receives award of a lifetime

      15 years ago, Holman Holt was on his way home from work when he drove by one of the Georgia Sheriff TMs Youth Homes " he has been donating ever since, and Thursday he got an award for his generosity.

      Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul awarded Holt with a lifetime membership to the Georgia Sheriff TMs Association.

      Holt, 80, said he donates five or six times per year, and has donated in memory of his 4-year-old grandson who drowned in 1980, and his wife who died in 2004.

      Children like Mr. Holt said that have been separated through a traumatic experience that took place in their lives such as an automobile accident or a tornado that separated a family, there's no relatives left to take care of the family, said Sproul.

      Holt, who is an Air Force veteran, said he donates to help those in need. I feel good about it because I feel I TMm helping out those kids that didn't have anything, or lost what they had, and i figured they could use the help.

      Holt said he intends to continue donating for the rest of his life.