Albany unemployment rate is at a record low

Photo Credit: MGN Online

The Georgia Department of Labor says Albany's unemployment rate has decreased since October from 8.8 percent to 8.2 percent in November.

This is the lowest rate since March 2009 when the rate was 8.1 percent.

GDOL says the rate has declined in November primarily due to an increase in 500 new jobs in the Metro Albany area increasing the number from 61, 800 jobs in October to 62,300 in November. Most of the jobs were in trade, transportation and warehousing.

Another factor for the decline in unemployment was a decrease in the number of unemployment insurance claims. Insurance claims included; trade, transportation, warehousing, manufacturing and construction. This rate went from 870 claims to 774, down 11 percent.

The number of unemployed people in Albany has gone from 6,370 in October to 5,933 in November. This time last year the number for unemployment was 6,783 making the unemployment rate of November 2012, 9.1 percent.

Metro Athens has the lowest unemployment rate at 5.1 percent and Georgia â" Altamaha region has the highest rate at 10 percent. Overall, Georgia's seasonally adjustment employment rate is 7.7 percent in November down from 8.1 percent in October and 8.7 percent in November 2012.

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