Albany Transit brings proposal of bus route changes

Albany Transit set up shop at the Albany Transportation Center on Friday to bring four different route change proposals to the people who it would affect.

Director David Hamilton says after a low turnout during a meeting last week, the group decided they needed to go where the people are to get the most feedback about the possible changes.

Workers were on staff during two different sessions throughout the day to explain what routes are affected and how they would work. Many riders took an interest in the proposal, which is what Albany Transit was hoping for.

Riders say they're happy that the changes aren't being made without their input but support most of the proposals saying they'll save them time, which is of the essence when you're relying on public transit to get where you need to go.

Hamilton says they'll take all of the feedback and analyze it before they decide exactly what changes to make.

Albany Transit hopes to implement the first phase of changes by May 27th and say in order to do so, they need riders to speak up and help them make the new routes as efficient as possible.

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