Albany Tech takes pedestrian bridge before commission

Commissioners asked if the school looked for funds; Albany Tech officials said yes, but they couldn't come up with enough. / Jessica Fairley

The Albany City Commission has given tentative approval for funding for the Albany Technical College pedestrian bridge.

"That's a very important project that they are doing to protect the citizens going from one side of the campus to the other side on that Slappey Boulevard which is a heavily travelled road," said Albany Mayor Pro Tem Tommy Postell.

Postell says the longer officials wait to make a decision on funding the project, the higher the construction costs will go. While others agree that the project should be ushered forward, Commissioner Ivy Hines says Albany Tech should at least look into other resources for funding.

"I think we need to try and find as many sources as we can and get sources from the outside to bring in. I think it will help us immensely to stretch the dollars that are produced within the city itself," said Ivy Hines, Albany Commissioner.

Funding will be voted on again at the next commission night meeting. No schedule has been set to start the project, but the engineer over the project says it will be at least six months.

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