Albany Tech sets up roots in Calhoun County

Albany Technical College opens a new adult education facility in Calhoun County. / Matt Prichard

Adult education students in Calhoun County will be studying in style, thanks to Albany Technical College and their new facility in Edison.

"It's a little difficult to get from Edison to Albany for adult education classes, but it's convenient to go right around the corner, so we are proud to be here and meet a need in this community," said President of Albany Technical College, Anthony Parker.

And county representatives aren't taking that for granted, expressing their excitement about the new facility.

"It's important to have the facility here. It's just another asset, just another apple in the pie that makes it something more attractive for our community," said Chairman of the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners, Richard West.

But for students this is more than just a building, this is place where they could change the entire framework of their lives.

"I've been a waitress most of my life, and I'm tired of being a waitress, so I want to get my GED and I want to become a cosmetologist," said student, Dena Lee.

Those goals aren't just for Lee though, she has three kids that would love to see their mom grow into bigger and better things.

"I got two more other than him, so better education would help me financially as well," said Lee.

And she isn't the only one with high aspirations, Antavious Johnson says success is on the horizon.

"I had difficulties in high school, but I came back, tried to do my best here, I've succeeded a lot, I've succeeded a whole lot matter a fact," said Johnson.

And Johnson says when thinking of the future, only one image comes to mind. Walking across that graduation stage with his younger siblings looking on with pride.

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