Albany Tech says 'No' to mini skirts and halter tops

Albany Tech has signs around campus to remind students of the dress code. / Jessica Fairley

Albany Technical College is strictly enforcing a school dress policy.

Students are no longer allowed to show up on campus wearing mini shirts, tank tops, leggings and belly revealing shirts.

"We're telling faculty members if you have students that are coming to class and they're not dressed appropriately then they might need to leave class," said Wendy Howell, Albany Tech Public Relations Director.

School officials say this is to keep students professional. Many students will enter the workforce and need to know how to dress for the job.

"With our mission being workplace development, we want to make sure our students understand what is acceptable and not acceptable in the workplace," said Wendy Howell.

While some students agree that saggy pants and shorts skirts should be ousted, some say students should be able to express themselves.

Pajamas, tank tops, saggy pants, and clothing items with offensive language are also banned from campus.

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